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GAD's Inaugural program 2019

Take Care of your Garden
Cultivating a New Humanism

Curated by Valentina Gioia Levy and Pier Paolo Scelsi

The title chosen by the artistic director Valentina Gioia Levy "Take Care of Your Garden" is inspired by one of the most famous quotes from Voltaire’s Candide, and focuses on what it means to be human in today’s hyper-globalised world.

Still from "Body as Home" by Aleksandra Karpowicz.png

The concept explained :

As in Voltaire’s novel, the garden is a metaphor for our inner life, as a source of emotions and ethical values, which have their origins in our bodies and minds, but which are subsequently projected onto other people. The invitation we want to transmit is to cultivate a new humanism in our relationships with others, going beyond national and political borders and acknowledging our shared humanity. Are we really living in “the best of all possible worlds”, as Professor Pangloss tells Candide in Voltaire’s novel? Can art help us build a better one?


Valentina Gioia Levy

Founder & Artistic Director

The program lasted from May until December 2019, and featured a series of exhibitions, performances, talks, video projections, and outdoor installations, in collaboration with several art galleries, institutions, foundations and cultural centres. 

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